1. Bluetooth 5.2 and more stable connection

This headset uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Compared with previous versions, Bluetooth 5.2 has significantly improved connection speed and stability. Whether in intense business meetings or daily office work, users can enjoy faster and more stable audio transmission. This is due to our engineers' in-depth understanding and innovative application of Bluetooth technology, ensuring a smooth user experience during use.

2. All-pass 3040 chip and excellent sound quality

The headset is equipped with an all-pass 3040 chip, which has powerful audio processing capabilities and can present clear and three-dimensional sound effects. Whether it's the depth of the subwoofer or the delicacy of the treble, it can be accurately presented. We focus on every detail to ensure that users can enjoy an unparalleled sound quality feast.

3. Dual microphone noise reduction and clear calls

In noisy environments, calls are often interrupted. This headset is equipped with dual microphone noise reduction technology, which can effectively reduce interference from external noise and ensure clear communication of call content. Whether in the subway, coffee shop or other noisy environment, users can enjoy a clear and clear call experience.

4. Call mute function and focused meetings

In business meetings, in order not to disturb others, users often need to turn off the headset call function. This headset supports the headset call mute function. Users can switch functions with simple operations without disturbing others or missing important calls. This feature reflects our in-depth understanding of the work needs of business people and helps them focus more on the content of the meeting.

5. Super long battery life and convenient charging

For business people who travel frequently, the battery life of headphones is crucial. This headset can be used continuously for about 20 hours after a single charge, meeting the user's long-term use needs. Excellent performance even on long journeys. At the same time, it also supports Type-C charging, making the charging process more convenient and efficient.

Summary: Celebrating the pinnacle of innovation

This 270-degree adjustable mono-channel dual-microphone noise-cancelling business headset supports headset mute calls and has a call duration of about 20 hours. It is undoubtedly a perfect demonstration of our technical strength. It integrates the latest Bluetooth technology, excellent sound quality performance, advanced dual-microphone noise reduction function, practical call mute function and ultra-long battery life. We know that every function is inseparable from countless R&D and experiments. This is our deep love and commitment to technology and users.

At this moment of pinnacle innovation, we would like to thank every engineer involved in the research and development whose hard work and professionalism made this headset possible. At the same time, we would also like to thank every user who supports us. It is your trust and support that gives us the motivation to pursue higher goals. In the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and continuously optimize and improve our products to meet the needs of more users. Let us look forward to more exciting innovative products coming soon!