In 2013, when wireless audio equipment became increasingly popular, in order to meet users' needs for longer battery life, we made
unremitting efforts and launched China's first ultra-long standby earphones - Corsran ultra-long standby earphones!

1. Super long battery life, enjoy music anytime and anywhere

The battery life of this headset is unparalleled. It can be used for up to 24 hours on a single charge, breaking the conventional standards of
other headsets on the market. This means that whether it’s long-distance travel, outdoor sports, or work and study, you don’t need to
charge frequently, making your music experience more seamless.

2. Excellent sound quality, delicate presentation of every note

We understand that sound quality is the key to measuring the quality of headphones. To this end, we have carefully adjusted the sound
quality to ensure that every note can be presented delicately, giving users the feeling of being at a music scene. Paired with intelligent noise
reduction technology, you can hear every note clearly even in noisy environments.

3. Comfortable to wear, as if there is nothing

We know that wearing comfort is very important to users. This headset adopts an ergonomic design and has been tested thousands of times
to ensure that it remains comfortable for long periods of time. The material is made of lightweight materials to reduce the burden on your
ears and make you forget it exists.

4. Intelligent connection, easy to operate

This headset supports Bluetooth 5.1 version and can quickly and stably connect with mobile phones, computers and other devices. At the
same time, it also has an intelligent voice assistant integration function, which can switch songs, answer calls and other operations with simple
voice commands, making your music experience more convenient.

5. Exquisite packaging, great gift

In order to meet the gift-giving needs, we have equipped this headset with an exquisite packaging box, which has an elegant and beautiful
appearance. Whether giving it to friends and family or using it yourself, it is an excellent gift choice.

In short, Corsran ultra-long standby headphones bring you unprecedented music enjoyment with their ultra-long battery life, excellent sound
quality, comfortable wearing, intelligent connection and exquisite packaging.

We are Shenzhen Corsran Technology Co., Ltd. We have a complete quality management system and return and exchange policy. All products
on our website have exclusive patents and certificates. All bosses are very welcome to take samples for testing and visit us. If you have any
needs for headphone customization, mold opening, etc., please contact customer service!